We support a church planting ministry in a sensitive part of the world. They are very active in evangelism and connected with one of our Alliance Pastors in New Zealand.  We also support a business ministry and an international worker developing material for ethnic churches.


We support the Alliance National Office (ACA & AM) as they seek to bring unity, health and growth to the Alliance. We support the ministry of Keith and Annette Bennett from our West Harbour Church who serve with Destiny Rescue (Child Rescue). We support the Zion churches in Hyderabad who are connected with one of our members in NZ – and also connected with the Alliance in India.
We support Rev Rajesh Patole, the National Leader of the Alliance and a Mumbai based Pastor. 


Our main partner is  with Willy Florian and his team at Letio Faka-Kalisiatane 93 FM (Christian Radio Station) who broadcast the gospel and run a network of discipleship groups.
We also have a long association with the Mango Tree who serve the disabled community in Tonga.


We sponsor a prevention home in Chiang Mai run by “Remember Nhu”, an Alliance associated ministry operating throughout the world. Prevention Homes move at-risk children to safety and ensure their protection from being sold into the sex trade. Remember Nhu removes children from dangerous conditions and places them into a 24-7 home where they are physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually nurtured by loving parents.

APAC Regional Coordinator

We have been supporting the ministry of Roland and Nancy Lumawag for over 20 years, initially as missionaries in Thailand and now as Rev. Roland serves as the Regional Coordinator for Asia Pacific Alliance Churches. Roland plays a vital role in coordinating ministry in our region, such as church planting amongst Alliance Churches.

Mission Trips

Each year trips are organised to enable people to visit the people, places, and projects we support. The style of trips varies but our main purpose is always to strengthen relationships with the people  we’re partnering with and offer practical love and care to them, and their ministry. These trips connect us more closely with God’s heart of the world and offer a significant discipleship experience for our teams. On average, we have two trip a year and for the latest information please  email us.


---International Missions Promotions

Global Impact Week

The major annual gathering of the Alliance with a special focus on   International Missions

Global Fusion

Our annual Missions   fundraiser designed to showcase our international missions programme. 

Global Women

Gathering women for a variety of events full of fun and fellowship that support international missions.

Mission 48

Our annual Missions focus weekend for youth and young adults supporting both local and overseas projects.